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EFLM Scientific Research Grant 2024 (benyújtási határidő: január 15.)
2024. január 15.

Applicants must submit a detailed budget of the study with a list of all required  reagents or consumables, necessary to perform their study.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that allocated funds are sufficient to allow completion of the study. If additional funds are needed, a letter of support from a third party is provided that confirms that the rest of the budget shall be covered by that third party.

The responsibility of the selected applicant is to publish the findings of the study in an international (preferably) or national peer-reviewed journal, within two years, after receiving the grant. The grant's recipient who fail to fulfil this requirement shall be automatically disqualified from all future applications for any other EFLM award, bursary or grant within the next five years. The selected applicant can apply for this grant only once.

Eligible applications will be judged by a Research Grant Evaluation Committee composed of the Chair of the EFLM Committee for Science, the Chair of the EFLM Committee for Education and Training and one EFLM Executive Board Member selected by the EFLM President. Applications will be evaluated according to selected criteria (click here to know more).


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