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Az IFCC tagot keres a Committee on Molecular Diagnostiscs (C-MD) Bizottságába
2022. február 20.

Dear Colleagues,


Within the Committee on Molecular Diagnostics (C-MD), under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Parviz Ahmad-Nejad, one member position will be vacant for the term in office starting March 2021. C-MD is composed of 5 full members including the Chair nominated by the IFCC Member Societies. With this letter we are asking for nomination for this position.


Terms of Reference

• To foster dynamic exchanges between IFCC and molecular diagnostic laboratories and industry

• To produce guidelines on clinical validation of tests, conduct and reporting of molecular diagnostic tests

• Creation of a network of locus-specific IFCC Molecular Diagnostics Centres

• Updating the C-MD web page within the IFCC web site Current Projects

• Establish an International Network of IFCC Reference Centres in Molecular Diagnostics

• Provide data on the current state of molecular diagnostics, with a particular focus on low-income countries, and to provide information to promote quality improvement

• Develop a checklist for technology transfer from development to clinical laboratory testing

• Standardise formats for reporting of molecular diagnostic results

• Facilitate integration of pharmacogenetic testing into routine diagnostics at the appropriate quality standards


Nominations, giving preference to young candidates (≤ 40 years of age) should be directly sent to the IFCC Office (paola.bramati@ifcc.org) using the attached Application Form before February 20 th, 2021.


Following approval, the candidates will be appointed for a three-year term on the Committee. A second three-year term is allowed following satisfactory review at the end of the first term by the Scientific Division Executive Committee following consultation with the C-MD Chairman.

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