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  • 2022-2024 IFCC EMD C-KD Call for Nominations for one Member position
    2021.11.12. - MLDT - Hírkategória: Általános

    The Education and Management Division (EMD) is a key resource for all members of IFCC. EMD facilitates the development of managerial skills, supports educational activities in laboratory medicine and offers critiques, advice and cutting-edge expertise on issues and problems related to laboratory management, teaching and
    education. EMD provides many of these educational, teaching and consultative services through its Committees.


    We are inviting nominations for one Member position on the Committee on Kidney Disease (C-KD) for the term of office 2022-2024.


    The candidates should have extensive experience in the area of work of the Committee. For further information, please visit: https://www.ifcc.org/ifcc-education-division/emd-committees/task-force-on-chronic-kidney-disease/


    Much of the work of all EMD committees is conducted by email, but C-KD meets in general once per year.


    All National Society Members are requested to encourage appropriate members to apply for this position. Applicants who are not selected as members may be eligible for corresponding membership.


    Nominations should be directly sent to the IFCC Office (cardinale@ifcc.org) by 10 January 2022.


    The information must include:
    • Letter of support from the National Society/Company;
    • Curriculum Vitae of the nominee describing the professional and/or academic career (including a list of publications), particularly highlighting the issues which could be important for the selection.


    We look forward to receiving your replies.

    Yours sincerely
    Nader Rifai
    Chair, IFCC EMD


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