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Hírkategória: Általános
  • EFLM Walter Guder Preanalytical Award 2019
    2018.09.05. - MLDT - Hírkategória: Általános
    The EFLM Walter Guder Preanalytical Award is granted to a young scientist for significant contribution to the improvement of the preanalytical phase. EFLM is very pleased to have partnered with BD on this award, through which we intend to achieve wider recognition of the importance of high quality research in the field of the preanalytical phase among laboratory professionals in Europe.

    Eligibility criteria
    The applicant must fulfill the following criteria:
    • Age under 40 years
    • Member of an EFLM member country
    • Study accepted for peer-reviewed publication by the submission deadline in which the nominee must be the first author

    Award timing
    The EFLM Walter Guder Preanalytical Award is awarded biannually. This year, the award will be presented at the 5thEFLM Conference on Preanalytical Phase: "Preanalytical challenges - time for solutions" to be held in Zagreb (HR) on 22-23 March 2019.

    Award details
    The selected young scientist will receive an award of € 5000 and the costs for attending the 5th EFLM Conference on Preanalytical Phase (economy class travel, reasonable accommodation and the registration fee).

    Submission details
    The applicants should send the reprint of their article or a copy of the editor’s letter indicating final acceptance for publication to the EFLM office at eflm@eflm.eu. Articles must have been published or accepted for publication between 1 January 2017 and 30 September 2018. Entries must be published in English in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Applicants should also send a statement signed by all authors of the publication consenting to submission of the paper for the Award and to the conditions of entry. Submissions will be judged by an independent panel of experts. The nominee must be the first author and a member of an EFLM member society. The Award will be presented to the first author, who is responsible for division of the award among his/her co-authors.
    • Applications deadline: October 1, 2018
    • Winner will be notified: November 1, 2018

    For further information on the submission process please contact the Chair of the EFLM WG-Preanalytical Phase, Prof. Ana-Maria Simundic: am.simundic@gmail.com


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