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  • 'Reliable biological variation estimates - where to find them and how can they safely be applied?' c. IFCC webinárium 2022. június 8-án, 14 órakor
    2022.05.30. - MLDT - Hírkategória: Általános

    Dear Colleagues,


    The next IFCC webinar: "Reliable biological variation estimates - where to find them and how can they safely be applied?" June 8, 2022


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    Biological variation data have many applications in laboratory medicine. The utility and safety of those applications are dependent upon the availability of reliable and well characterised component data. The availability of such data enable users to assess the veracity, relevance and thus transportability of published indices of biological variation to any clinical settings. This webinar, organized by the EFLM Biological Variation Working Group and chaired by its expert member Dr Bill Bartlett, will address the concept of biological variation, where reliable biological variation data can be found and how to safely apply these data in laboratory practice.


    Firstly, Dr Aarsand will review the concept of biological variation and the Biological Variation Data Critical Appraisal Checklist (BIVAC) and present in detail the EFLM Biological Variation Database, which is presently the most updated source of biological variation data. The database, accessible at www.biologicalvariation.eu and freely available to users worldwide, provides an overview of published biological variation data, accompanied by detailed, quality-assessed information for all included studies. It also delivers global within- and between-subject biological variation estimates derived from meta-analysis of BIVAC compliant studies and automatically calculated analytical performance specifications and reference change values. Thereafter, Professor Sandberg will provide an overview of biological variation applications and discuss how biological variation estimates can safely be applied in your laboratory practice. Finally, Dr Coskun will present a new model for delivering personalized reference intervals. This model utilizes biological variation estimates, either derived for a population group or the individual, and previous test results obtained in a steady-state setting.


    Chair/Moderator: Dr. Bill Bartlett

    Talk 1: " Reliability of Biological Variation Data: The Biological Variation Data Critical Appraisal Checklist (BIVAC) and the EFLM Biological Variation Database" – Dr. Aasne K. Aarsand

    Talk 2: " Utility of biological variation data in clinical and laboratory practice" – Prof. Sverre Sandberg

    Talk 3: " Estimating personalized reference intervals using biological variation data" – Prof. Abdurrahman Coskun


    • Schedule: 20 min per speaker plus 20 min panel discussion
    • Time Zones: Live presentations starting at: 8:00AM EDT-New York ; 2:00PM CET-Rome; 8:00PM CST-Beijing;
      Important: Please ensure that you carefully determine the time that the presentation will start in your global time zone. Click here to convert to your time-zone.
    • Recorded webinar: available on demand
    • Certificate of participation: available for all registrants

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