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  • Régi és új csontmarkerek a rutin laboratóriumi diagnosztikában témájú EFLM webinárium 2021. december 21-én, 18 órakor
    2021.12.11. - MLDT - Hírkategória: Általános

    Why we are not using old and novel bone markers as a routine biochemical marker?


    21 December 2021 at h. 18.00 CET (duration 1 h)


    Speaker: Sepici Dincel Aylin (TR)
    Moderator: Meltem Sengelen (TR, UK)


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    Bone is a mineralized collagen matrix together with embedded bone cells. It’s remodeling is characterized by temporal and spatial coupling of bone formation and resorption. Bone turnover markers (BTMs) are useful in assessing bone remodelling at the cellular level. Until the harmonization is achieved, the measurement of one formation marker and one resorption marker by standardized assays has been recommended to predict bone loss, estimate fracture risk and the response to osteoporosis treatments by assessing bone turnover in recents reports of working groups.
    Nowadays there has been a new approach which bases on our understanding of bone metabolism that is related to new markers. Furthermore the clinical use of those biochemical markers has not been fully established.
    In conclusion, to address the limitations of variability of BTM, the working groups are implementing different complimentary activities around the harmonization and the use of BTMs. The relevant biochemical markers are still lacking in the clinical guidelines; none of the bone biomarkers considered to be an ideal marker.


    Key Learning Objectives

    - to review the life cycle of bone and related bone turnover markers

    - to recognise the clinical and biochemical features of bone turnover markers

    - to be able to discuss preanalytical / analytical problems and discrepancies

    - to describe the diagnostic, prognostic usefulness of bone turnover markers


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