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  • What is the position and recognition of our profession in Europe and what tools do we have to change/increase its visibility c. IFCC webinárium 2021. november 10-én, 11 órakor
    2021.11.04. - MLDT - Hírkategória: Általános

    Dear Colleagues,


    The next IFCC webinar: "What is the position and recognition of our profession in Europe and what tools do we have to change/increase its visibility" will be held on 10 November, 2021.


    The webinar will shortly present the current situation of position and recognition of our profession and the importance of harmonisation process of our education through the strategy of Common Training Framework, based on Syllabus and established Equivalent of Standards for education in EU countries.


    The importance of the EuSpLM register will also be presented and established EFLM Academy, which membership offer to their EFLM members several important benefits, including educational resources (webinars, e-learning platform and in 2022 launched Syllabus Courses), free admission or a reduced fee for several conferences, workshops, free access to several important professional journals, CLSI documents and much more.


    Additionally, as the important tool for education, the EFLMLabX project of exchanging practice will be presented. Through an established e-platform it enables to offer and search/apply for the practice and exchange/gain knowledge/professional connections/new potential collaborators in the field of Laboratory Medicine in several laboratories/Institutions allover the Europe/EFLM countries. 



    1. Importance of strategy of CTF/Syllabus for our profession (Dr. Evgenija Homšak)
    2. Academy/EuSpLM register (Dr. Nuthar Jassam)
    3. EFLMLabX  project ofexchanging practice (Dr. Evgenija Homšak) 


    Moderator: Ana-Maria Šimundic (EFLM president)


    • Schedule: 20 min per speaker plus 20 min panel discussion
    • Time Zones: Live presentations starting at: 5:00AM EDT - 7:00AM Buenos Aires- AR; 11:00AM European Time; 3:30PM India; 6:00PM CST-Beijing
      Important: Please ensure that you carefully determine the time that the presentation will start in your global time zone. Click here to convert to your time-zone.
    • Recorded webinar: available on demand
    • Certificate of participation: available for all registrants


    Register here

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