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  • 4. Cutting Edge Laboratory Management in Europe (CELME) szimpózium Prágában, 2021. szeptember 30-án és október 1-jén
    2021.09.02. - MLDT - Hírkategória: Általános

    Join CELME to share the latest innovative thinking in the delivery of the best laboratory medicine activities.

    Learn from expert innovators presenting new ways of solving the financial, quality and organizational problems we all have to face.

    If you want to lead your laboratory service to 'first class' performance then join CELME and experience the shared opinion of like-minded professionals.

    The number of participants is limited, register now to secure your place!


    SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME - September 30 - October 1, 2021

    Part A | Emmergent topics
    - COVID-19 and role of Laboratory Medicine - Sunil Sethi
    - What laboratory medicine in needed for refugees - Alexander Haliassos
    - Multidimensional Laboratory Medicine: the case for AI - Michael Neumaier
    - AI-assisted radiological imaging of systemic disease involvement: from technical implementation to cooperative diagnostic pathways - Stefan Schönberg

    Part B | How is the progress of implementing the IVDR
    - EU Health Policy-making: why academic and scientific societies should engage - Alan Fraser
    - Countdown to the IVDR Date of Application: Priorities and Expectations of Manufacturers - Oliver Bisazza
    - The rollout of the new EU IVD regulation: an imminent catastrophe - Christa Cobbaert (on behalf of the EFLM Task Force on European Regulatory Affairs)

    Part C | New tools in education of people in laboratory medicine
    - EFLM Syllabus - the framework for the education of EuSpLM - Snežana Jovičić
    - Equivalence of standards in education in Europe - Evgenija Homšak
    - EFLM Syllabus course - Lejla Alić
    - How to develop and master soft skills? - Ana-Maria Šimundić

    Part D | Progress in the harmonisation of measurement procedures
    - New initiatives to harmonise measurement procedures - Ian Young
    - Monitoring the harmonisation of measurement procedures by external quality assessment and patient medians - Sverre Sandberg
    - Personalised reference interval - a valuable tool in diagnosis and monitoring - Abdurrahman Coskun


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